Saturday, November 27, 2021

Tasty Eats - Thanksgiving Edition

I thought I would share what I ate Thanksgiving day and a few days afterwards.

My husband did all the cooking on Thanksgiving. For breakfast he made French toast with a strawberry and banana filling. He also made sausage and bacon.

Here is our Thanksgiving meal. I got a free ham from my work, so we had that as our main protein instead of turkey.  Our meal included Ham with pineapple, Stove Top stuffing, green bean casserole, and Rice-a-Roni. 

For lunch on Friday, I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. After lunch my son and I did a road trip to visit daughters in Kansas. 

This is a roll my daughter made for her Thanksgiving dinner. She claimed to have overcooked it.

My daughter made pecan pie Friday night while I was visiting her.  I had this for breakfast Saturday morning. She send some pie home with me, my husband claimed it was best pecan pie he has ever had.  The pecans were the star and not heavy sugary filling.

I know, this tiny tea set got included because I thought it was cute. It is part of a vintage doll house set. My daughter had them out of the way because it is a chocking hazard to my year old grandson. Everything goes in the mouth at that age,

After leaving my older daughter that lives in Lawrence, Kansas, I went to see my other daughter in Manhattan, Kansas. We had Pizza Hut pizza for lunch.

That is it for this edition of tasty eats. 

Future posts are going to include grilled mac and cheese sandwich and raisin filled cookies. I will likely never make either of these again. 

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Tasty Eats

 It is time to share another edition of Tasty Eats.

Believe it or not, I added Zucchini (about a cup) to an existing brownie recipe. I did add a little extra flour to compensate for the extra moisture from the zucchini. 

I made cookies and cream cake for my son's birthday. I just added some crushed Oreos to a basic yellow cake. topped the cake with frosting and added more crushed Oreos on top.

I also made my son's favorite cookies, cream cheese cookies.

I made zucchini and banana muffins for breakfast. I just added about a cup of shredded zucchini to an already existing banana muffin recipe. Just make sure there isn't much moisture in the zucchini.
My stepson made this awesome peanut butter dessert. It has an Oreo crust, peanut butter filling and chocolate on top. He followed a recipe he found on the web. I don't if this is the recipe he used, but it look really close to it: Peanut Butter Pie — An Easy No Bake Peanut Butter Pie Recipe (

He also made this burger. The patties were store bought, but he amped it up with barbeque sauce, cheese, bacon, and used Hawaiian sweet roll bun.
My husband made Runzas.
It has beef, cabbage, and cheese inside bread dough. The recipe for this is among the Related links.
This is just some biscuit dough  and I rolled some cheese curds in it. It was tasty, but really heavy.
My husband took some of the left over Vegan Chili and added ground beef and more chili powder and maybe some other spices.

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Saturday, November 06, 2021

Made Brian's Super Tasty Vegan Chili

There was a chili cook off at my work and I thought I would make some chili. I personally don't have a personal chili recipe like my husband does, so I thought I would try a chili recipe from one of the You Tube channels I regularly watch, Krocks In The Kitchen. This couple has gone to whole food plant based diet for weight lose and overall health. I like this couple because they have been real about their journey. They have lost a lot of weight, but have gained some back when they have strayed away from their lifestyle.  On their You Tube channel, Brian mostly comes up with the recipes to share. I thought I would try his Super Tasty Vegan Chili. I made this up the night before the chili cook off and brought it to work.

It was tasty, but I ended up bringing a lot back. I guess people prefer to have meat in their chili. Besides, I could not compete with the co-worker who brought Alligator Chili. That was tasty. 

But if you are vegan and looking for a good chili recipe, this is a solid recipe. Though be warned that this recipe make a large batch. Here is all the left over chili that went into my freezer.

Nobody else (maybe my son, because he eats what I make) will want to eat chili unless I add some meat to it. Which I will end up doing every time I reheat one of these containers.

Here is the blog post link to the recipe:

 Recipe: Brian’s Super Tasty Vegan Chili (Plant-Based, Oil-Free) – Krocks In the Kitchen

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