Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Cinnamon Cookies

Today I made Cinnamon Cookies out of a cookie book I got while I was in Germany. Where I work they are celebrating diversity. There is a pot luck that encouraged to bring an international dish or a dish that is traditional to you. I thought about making chocolate chip cookies because it was a cookie that make throughout my entire life. But I decided to make a cookie I never made before. So I pulled put the German cookie book and found a recipe that was easy enough to make and that I had all the ingredients. The cinnamon sugar cookie did not had a lot of sugar and a ton of butter. So in the end it tasted like a baked pie crust with cinnamon and sugar. So it was pretty good. I like baked pie crust with cinnamon and sugar. I may make this again.

 So you can see below, I had to weigh all my ingredients.

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