Food from our trip to Wisconsin

 This trip involved my husband, my son, and myself visiting my childhood home for a week.

This trip was doomed from the start. My son was recovering from a cold and my husband was starting to show signs of starting one. My husband did end up spending most of the trip in our hotel room.

We started out our trip like we normally do, with breakfast at IHOP. For lunch, we stopped off at a restaurant in Brooklyn, Iowa that was connected to a gas station. My son had a burger, my husband had the chili bowl, and I had the fish and chips. I could not identify what kind of fish it was. My husband says it was a catfish. If it was catfish, then that was the best catfish I ever had. I usually don't like catfish. That evening we just had Arby; 's because it was only a couple hundred feet from our hotel.

The next day, my husband's cold had gotten worse and he decided to spend the next two days at the hotel while my son and I hung out with my mom. We spent the next day planning what we would eat while we were there visiting. We decided on Pizza the first night we were there. We got the pizza from our favorite cheese store, Simon's Specialty Cheese. While I was there, I picked this tasty pecan pastry because the free breakfast that came with the hotel was not that good. 

My poor husband had fallen out of the hotel bed on the second night of our trip. He recently had double knee surgery and was unable to get up. I could not get him up either so I had to call 911. We decided he did not need to go to the emergency room, but we did go to urgent care the next day. He just had pain in his shoulders, and they prescribed something for the pain. He did spend the day with my mom, but she could tell he was not feeling well.

Going through my mom's dishes, I found these cute ice cream dishes. We usually had a couple scoops of ice cream at the end of the meal.
We had breakfast one morning with my aunt. Whenever we got a chance to visit with my aunt we would go to Landreman's Family Restaurant. I had the breakfast burrito. Later in the trip, we would get lake perch from the trip. We always get lake perch when we visit because we can't find it in Nebraska.

The only other food items I recorded during the trip were the burgers we made and the cheesy potatoes.

We wrapped up our Wisconsin trip by heading back to Simon's Cheese to get the cheese we wanted to bring home with us. The trip overall was hanging out with my mom, my sister, and my brother. My mom is 80 years old and we wanted to discuss if mom was going to remain living in our childhood home or move to a small place. For now, we had decided that she remain at home and not move.

So no it was time for the long drive back, my husband was still not feeling well. We noticed during the trip that he was not getting better and ended up making an emergency stop in the emergency room. We stopped at a small hospital just outside Cedar Rapids. His blood pressure got dangerously low and he we septic. He ended up spending three days in a Cedar Rapids hospital. He is o.k. now, but we never did find out the cause of his illness. 

So that was our trip, the last time I was in Wisconsin was 2 years ago. I am not sure when I will get a chance to visit again. I am in the process of changing jobs and will have to accumulate vacation time.

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