Food From Our Carnival Cruise

 We got back from a cruise to Mexico and I thought I would share the food we had on our vacation. We drove to our port of call, so at our first rest stop for the night, we had Italian food. The restaurant was connected to a gas station, so not a high-end place, but the food was good.

It was interesting to actually have Mexican food. One of the tours was a foodie tour along with some sightseeing.

There was an Italian restaurant aboard the ship. Food is mostly included in the cruise, but in some places it cost extra and the Italian restaurant costs extra to dine there. The food was excellent. My husband was not that impressed with the service. I have rice balls as an appetizer, which I thought was different, the gnocchi was light and delicious. Dessert was delicious, however, I love my tiramisu, which you would think would be a staple in an Italian restaurant. There wasn't any, which surprised me.

Dinners aboard the dining room are at your assigned time and you have had an assigned table. Carnival had assigned us a table with another couple. The other couple did not want to have dinner with strangers and had asked to be moved to a private table. My husband and I were thinking the same thing and glad we didn't have to be the ones asking for another table. It might have been interesting though to get to know another couple over the course of a week.

I am closing out with a picture of beer my husband had. Carnival has its own brand of beer. I don't like beer, so I could not tell you if it was any good.

So we will be back on a ship in March of 2025. This will be our third cruise and know what to expect. 

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