Macaroni and Cheese With Macaroons

 My son wanted to learn to cook macaroni and cheese. Some advice he got from his co-workers at work is to add bacon and corn. He also added smoked Gouda and cheddar. The dish did turn out tasty, but not creamy.  He had a layer of cream and flour mixture, a layer of noodles, a layer of corn, bacon, and cheese, then topped with panko and more cheese. He should of made a rue with the flour,cream, and cheese. If you do already have a favorite recipe, do consider adding corn and bacon. A while back I made Creamed Corn Macaroni And Cheese. Maybe next time my son wants to make macaroni and cheese, we will work with this recipe.
This may look like burnt bacon, but this how my husband loves it.

To move on to the macaroons,  I have a step son who brought us bags of sweetened coconut from his place of work (Red Robin.....Yum!), So my husband made up some coconut macaroons. We still have plenty of coconut left. I plan on making some After School Bars, and my husband is planning a new pie recipe. So keep and eye out for that