Thanksgiving Food

 We did not have turkey on Thanksgiving. I was given a ham from work. We had the choice of ham or turkey and a pie. I prefer to have ham over turkey. This year my husband had taken back over the holiday cooking. Last year I had to make the Thanksgiving meal because my husband had just had back surgery. That was hectic last year.

Of course, we got to have green bean casserole!
We had twice-baked sweet potatoes.
We also made biscuits from the can.
Our sons worked on Thanksgiving day and both worked in the food industry and brought home leftovers from work. We did not need to make dinner!
I had a French silk pie from my work, and one of my sons also brought home a French silk pie. My pie was still partially frozen, so I ended up putting it back in the freezer, My other son brought back a tray full of desserts.

Here is my plate of food!
Sorry to do this post almost a month after Thanksgiving. But, you know, life just gets in the way.

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