Where We Ate On Our Latest Trip To Florida

 Hello! I want to share our latest vacation eats from our latest vacation. We live in Lincoln, Nebraska and we drove down to Jacksonville, Florida. My son was invited to a wedding he wanted us to drive him to Florida.

We almost always start out any road trip with Breakfast at IHOP. I had the avocado toast. It was really good. I especially enjoy the roasted cherry tomatoes on top. It was the energy I needed to start out the trip. After all, I was doing all the driving on the trip. We mostly had snacks throughout the day and had a big dinner at Cracker Barrel.  in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

It was the next day and we made to Kennesaw, Georgia. We had started out our day with a free breakfast at the hotel. As with the day before, we had decided to snack during the drive and had a big dinner. We had decided to use UBER Eats to order our food and order from Miller's Ale House. I got the Zingers Salad, which was barbeque chicken on a salad. so good. My husband got French Onion Soup and my son got a burger and pot stickers. 

We arrived at our destination the next day. It started out with a free breakfast at the hotel we got there around late afternoon. My son and I got a bite at Hardee's and my husband got pizza later. At this point, my husband and I had no real plans for what to do while we were in Florida. It was more of my son hanging out with friends than attending a wedding in a few days.

Speaking of weddings, we did get a chance to meet the groom and his sons at Miller's Ale House. I got Zinger's again, but this time I indulged in macaroni and cheese instead of salad. It was delicious. I could not finish the macaroni and cheese. My son finished it for me. 
That evening my son ordered a chicken tender sub from a local grocery chain called Publix. I was still full from lunch. I am not sure where my son found to room to have a sub. He had a burger and ate the mac and cheese I mentioned earlier.

For the next day, we decided to do some sightseeing in St. Augustine. Because of my husband's mobility issues, most of the day was spent riding the sightseeing trolly. We had lunch at Auggie's Draft Room

I had a jalapeno and bacon quesadilla with fries.  We also drank lots of water. We were getting water everywhere we went. we spent most of the day outside and it was in the 90's. We were both exhausted from the heat by the time we were done. However, we did learn a lot of information about St. Augustine that we might not of known if we just walked around the city.

That evening we ate at 4 Rivers Smokehouse. My husband for the burn ends, found it a little spicy. However, he doesn't like his food that is spicy at all. I never had a Cuban sandwich, so I got that. I enjoyed it. I would do a Cuban sandwich again.

For our final day of sightseeing, we decided to go to the Jacksonville Zoo. They had a scooter to rent because there was no way he would be able to walk around. We ate snacks at the zoo. We had Dipping Dots and my husband had snowcones. 
That evening we ate at a Pizza and Italian place in a nearby strip mall. I go lobster mac and cheese and tiramisu. The mac and cheese was just ok. Tiramisu is always delicious.

So it was time for the long drive back home. We (or I) decided to visit our daughters in Kansas on the way back home. I kept seeing billboards for Captain D's throughout the trip and we finally decided to stop for lunch on the way back. We don't have one where we live. It was tasty. It is similar to Long John Silver's. It is a fast-food fish chain.
When we stopped for the day, we decided on Mexican food. I got fish tacos. Against our better judgment, we got deep-fried ice cream. 

We saw advertising for Toot's Restaurant during our drive and had to stop and check it out. I got the seafood salad. It was tasty.
My son and my husband got the Chocolate Brownie Monster Bash, supposedly the single serving. There is a fishbowl portion. That evening we had stopped in O'Fallon, Illinois. There was a Steak 'n Shake near the hotel and my son wanted to check it out.
For most days, we had the free breakfast at the hotel. We were not impressed with the hotel we stayed at in O'Fallon and there was an IHOP within walking distance so breakfast at IHOP it is. So I decided not to have breakfast food and decided on fish and chips for breakfast. I just wanted to have something different. Not a bad decision. 

That day we reached Lawerance, Kansas after driving across Missouri, we stopped and an Ozark Gift shop to get souvenirs and fudge. Whenever we visit my daughter in Lawrence, we have been getting Hawaiian Bros. This is a restaurant that is not near us and they have delicious Hawaiian comfort food.

For our final day on the road, we visited our other daughter in Manhattan, Kansas. We decided to meet up at Cox Bros. I got the special for the day, brisket tacos. After visiting with our daughter and her boyfriend for a couple hours. We finally headed home.

Overall, it was a good trip. Our son got to meet his long-time gaming friends for the first time in person and spent the most time with them. What vacation is next? Probably my visiting my family in Wisconsin.

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