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So how did we decide on making a Mexican sweet bread without never having even eaten one? My son and I saw some prepackaged ones in the store and thought to ourselves, we can make this from scratch. My son Google for a recipe and found this one.

Authentic Mexican Concha Recipe - Mexico in my Kitchen

Like I said, we have never had one so we were not sure how it was supposed to turn out.  So it is a roll with a shortening, powdered sugar topping on top. You have to option make a chocolate topping.

 I decided to make the dough portion in my bread machine. This might not be a wise decision.    I thought it turn out a little tough, but it was tasty.  The dough did not seem to double its size. It might need more time to rise. The topping comes off a little too. You are supposed to put on some shortening on top of the roll before putting on the topping. I had my grandson help me, so he might not have put enough shortening on some of the rolls.

If we try this again, I will not use my bread machine. I will also make it will the chocolate topping.

Maybe we will buy some of the prepackaged ones to get an idea of how they are supposed to be.

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