Tasty Eats

 I thought I would do another tasty eats post. Time to cover some of the tasty food I have had over the past couple of weeks.

So first let tell you about the broken eggs. Simply I had bought 18 count eggs at Walmart along with some other items. The short version is that I dropped the carton of eggs while caring in my Walmart haul. Overall I only 6 eggs had cracked. I had decided to immediately use 4 of the eggs. (I just through out the other two because it was a lost cause).

This is an impromptu cookie bake to use up 2 of the broken eggs. I used a brown sugar cookie recipe found in Betty Crocker Cookie book. This cookie is a walnut brown sugar cookie with the addition of 1 cup walnuts. I decided to try to make this almost sugar free. I had used 2 cups of a monk fruit sugar substitute I had on hand. I added 6 tablespoons of molasses to make it brown sugar. So it is not totally sugar free. I also substituted half of all purpose flour with whole wheat flour. I added some flax seed to the cookie. I tried to make this cookie a little healthy.  Unfortunately for my, this cookie is just o.k. I did not use any butter in this recipe, which I thought what was missing from this cookie. The original recipe called for all shortening. I should of used half butter and half shortening like I usually do for cookies. I have a lot of these cookies and most of the cookies are now in the freezer. I will used these cookies as my breakfast option. They are after all, mostly sugar free and likely healthier than donuts.

The other two broken eggs went into these carrot apricot muffins.  I had already plan to make these muffins. If you are in the Midwest region, you might of heard of the Hy-Vee grocery chain. The recipe comes out of their Seasons magazine. Specifically out of their August issue found here. My photo is not a good photo, here is a photo from the Hy-Vee web site.

I have made these before and these muffins are a HUGE hit. I will continue to keep making these again and I highly recommend making them. The recipe can be found here.

Here is my final tasty item to share. My son made chicken tenders, roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic mashed tomatoes. It is now a tradition that our son is responsible for dinner on Sundays. He use to cook at a retirement community and has ideas on what to make. I unfortunately can not tell you how it is made. I did not ask him this time the recipe for these items. I have post two soup recipes made by him. It is Kale Rice Soup and Beef and Wild Rice Soup.

These cookies are Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies. I had sour cream to use and Pinterest had a recipe for me. I also substituted the white sugar with the monk fruit sugar free substitute. I don't think anyone noticed. These were definitely tasty. The recipe can be found here.

This is a humus wrap from a local restaurant. I was talking to mom about have this wrap for dinner, she has never had humus and did not think it was going to be appetizing. I enjoyed it. 

Finally we have sweet sticky rice brought by a Vietnamese co-worker. I have no idea what is in it other than rice. I was tasty. 

That is it for now for this edition of Tasty Eats.