Sweet Peach Ice Tea


My son had bought a large container of peaches at Trader Joe's. Other that just eating then, I made sweet ice tea. So I went to the web to find a recipe and I found one on Pinterest. The recipe calls for a 15 ounce can of peaches. I just brought out my scale and weighed out about 15 ounces. This was about 4 peaches. It is simple to make. 5 tea bags seeping in 1 quarts of hot water. a simple syrup of a cup of sugar and a cup of water (boil until the sugar dissolves). I pealed my peaches and removed the pits, ran it though my Ninja blender along with my other ingredients. It did turn out a little thick. After going back and reading the recipe again, I was suppose to add another quart of water. Oops.

Still tasty even though it was think like a slushy.

The recipe comes from Belle in the Kitchen and you can find the recipe here.

FYI, this is not my first peach post I did a Wordless Wednesday post 9 years ago. I did not post a recipe, but there are pictures.