How To Survive A Large Function You Cook For

How to survive a large function you cook for.
By David Huston

The key word here is organization and planning; follow these easy steps and you will have great success in executing your next function.
1. Make your menu. Sit down and write out your menu taking into account allergies your guests may have, any vegetarians, easy and hard dishes, and well rounded menu.
2. Make grocery list. Start shopping for sales and store specials to save you the big bucks.
3. Make a “to do” list. Start a check list of all errands and tasks that need to be completed to execute service
a. Menu
b. Grocery list
c. When to shop
d. When to start prepping items
e. When to start cooking each dish
f. How to set up your service
g. What to put each dish into for serving.
h. How to serve each dish.
4. Make a prep list to make things easier at crunch time; cutting fruits and vegetables ahead of time, Making the desert, and cleaning potatoes and other cooking veggies.
5. Plan out how and in what each item will be served. Will mashed potatoes be served in a large dish and passed or will this be buffet style where you need to keep them hot in a warmer? Make sure you have all utensils and serving dishes/warmers you need on hand.
6. Set up your service table as early as possible, this will just eliminate one less thing to do last minute. Turn on all warmers at least ½ hour before placing food in the warmers.
7. Cook your food trying to get all items to service at about the same time. At this point all cold trays and condiments should be dished and ready to serve. All you have left is the hot food.
8. Cook food place in warmers and enjoy the evening/ function.