Don’t Limit Yourself by David Huston

Now that your grill is set up and ready for action, what to cook? Do you stay with the tried and true hamburgers and hot dogs or try to expand your horizons with chicken, pork, or fish. How about some roasted Veggies to go with that meat? Remember anything you can do on a stove top or in your oven you should be able to do on your grill. Not only will this save on your utility bills but will give you a whole different experience in flavor.
As with any cooking you have a few rules to follow. When working with pork or chicken make sure you reserve a spot on the grill just for the meat and do not use for any other purpose, this will avoid cross-contamination. Also pork must be cooked to 160 degrees internal temperature and chicken 165 degrees. Fish may only be 140 degrees but fish is also the most delicate of all the meats to work with. When cooking the Chicken and pork I like to marinade the meat for at least 3-4 hours, not only will it enhance flavor but will also help with the meat sticking on the grill. Still the secret to not having your meat stick to the grill is to rub grates with oil before starting to cook and not to flip your meat too soon or too often. Let the meat completely cook on one side before flipping; remember every time you flip the meat you start the cooking process over again. Same with the fish a freshly oiled grill and a patient griller will come out with a perfect piece of meat every time.
Tomorrow I will give you ideas for more than meat on the grill. Stay tuned!