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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Never Seen Cereal Bar and New Facebook Page

First of all thank you Ashley for giving this site a new look and giving Just Winging It a Facebook Page. I really LOVE the egg icons for my social media.
So while in Lawrence, KS I actually saw a cereal bar tucked away inside a coffee shop (I could not remember the name of the coffee shop, may Ashley can leave the name of the coffee shop in the comments.) I hear of them, I never thought I would actually see one.


  1. Oh! the coffee shop is Java Break. It can be described as incredibly atmospheric in the best of ways. (One of the baristas once told me, "The whole place is held together by duct tape and dreams.")

  2. Same here this is my first to see a cereal bar.

    Kim, USA

  3. Anonymous3:02 PM

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    Please have a good Tuesday.

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  4. That's my kind of shop for breakfast. I am a cereal girl for sure.

  5. A bar? For cereal? I've never heard of such a thing - give me a scone any day!

  6. cereal bar? Wow, didnt know so many people craved cereal...

  7. oh boy...better not let my husband see...we'd never leave!

  8. We also have a cereal bar here and it's called Cerealiscious. My son loves to frequent their branches.


  9. that's awesome, I wish we had cereal bars in LA!


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