More on Lent

I think I may have narrowed down on what I am going to do for Lent. I am going to try to include prayer every day day. There are other things I am going to do, but I will leave that between God and I. I was listening to The Catholic Guy Show on the way to work, I was considering doing what the host, Lino Ruli, was doing. It looks like he is going to go to daily mass every other day and telling what he learned about Jesus during the week on his show. Daily mass won't work for me because it is at 8 am and I am still sleeping then. I could reflect on what I learned about Jesus.

As for how I did today for the start of Lent, I did manage to avoid meat and I think I did fast. I had an apple, scrambled eggs, a few cookies, and a cup of tea. I did listen to Christain music. I really haven't really prayed yet. I will have to work on that.

I think think this is the longest blog post I have written. What is more challenging is that I am writting this on my iTouch.