Meal Planning, Used AI to create Food Pics for Future Meals

 It has been a bit since I did a meal planning series, This time I thought I would make AI photos of meals that are coming up. Also,

This first one my husband is calling Bangers and Mash. It is going to be cut-up sausage on top of mashed red potatoes. Looks tasty.

This next one is Chimichanga's. I know it is going to be topped with a green sauce. I did not know that at the time I made this photo
The next two pictures are of Pico, the top one looks tasty on a tortilla
My husband would not put jalapeno peppers in it.
This one is Fish Tacos! All these photos look good!
These pictures look amazing! These look more appetizing than the photos I would take
Stay tuned for recipes for what I am sharing.

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  1. Those photos are beautiful. I have been very curious about AI and its use in the blogging community. Was this hard to use?

    1. I did not think so, though it might take several tries to get the photo you want.

  2. Oh my - I'm drooling! These look amazing!
    Thanks for sharing at What time is dinner? I'll be there!

  3. It looks delicious.


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