Meal Planning Series

 My husband started doing meal planning for the week. He is retired now and has time to plan out our meals. I would like to start making posts on what he plans to make and inspire you to start meal planning.

Let us see what we had for our first week of meal planning:
Roasted potatoes and sausage.
Steak and Lobster with lemon butter, sauteed mushrooms, long-grain wild rice, and glazed carrots
Stuffed pork chops with stuffing and cream peas
Beef Stroganoff
Baked Fish and shrimp with mashed potatoes and gravy

On Saturday my son is responsible for dinner; on Sundays, I am responsible for dinner.
However, Friday's meal did not happen because our oven broke down.
We did, however, use our crockpot to make chili.

The first version of chili was made by my husband and used what we already had in the house. This version has potatoes in it.

My son made this version with hot dogs in it, he was thinking of chili cheese dogs. 

Here is the first version of the meal-planning. I hope to elaborate more in the future with more pictures and some recipes.

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