Made Macarons For The First Time

My son wanted to make macaroons. neither of us has ever made macarons before, actually, neither of us has ever tasted macarons before either. So neither of us knew what to expect.

He had no plans of dying and was just going to leave it white with buttercream in the middle. I have pink powdered sugar in my pantry. I found it in the clearance section in Micheals a while back. Speaking of Micheals, we needed a few things before we could make the macarons.
First, we needed (or wanted) a silicone mat with the circles on it to help keep the macarons consistent. We also needed a new piping bag.  After we bought those things we realized we needed the tip we needed and we needed the coupler to connect the tip to the piping bag. So it was back to Micheals to get those things.
My son found this recipe, which we used to make the macaroons.  

 Overall, we were happy with how they looked, for the most part. He backed two baking sheets at a time which led to overbaking a few of them.  I had never tasted a macaron, so I did not know how the texture was supposed to be. Our other son tasted them and thought it was too chewy. My grandson tasted them and did not like them.

Nevertheless, we are calling this first attempt at making macarons a win!

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