My Son Made Chicken A La King

 My son is responsible for cooking one night a week. Mostly he orders out, but he does occasionally cook. He made his own version of Chicken A La King.

He made the mashed potatoes, though I think traditionally it is served on top of biscuits. In this case, he used the store-bought ones in the can. He did ask me if I wanted to make the biscuits from scratch.  Chicken A La King usually has mushrooms in it, which he does not like, so he had them on the side cooked in butter and garlic. 

I asked for a recipe, but he never gives me one.  He usually wings it (Just like this blog!) and just tells me what is in it. So here is what went into his version of Chicken A La King:
Rotisserie chicken - He was going to cook this himself, but my husband and I talked him into getting rotisserie chicken.Carrot, celery, onion -  a mirepoixCreamPeasChicken stock -  homemadeRosemary, thyme

Here is some other stuff he made with the dish:Garlic mushroomsCan biscuitsMashed potatoes,  he used chicken stock in the potatoes

He also made Peach Cobbler. It was just canned pie filling and a crumb topping. I think he did not make enough topping to cover the pie filling and it wasn't crisp enough, but still very tasty.
Everyone loved his version of Chicken A La King. I may have to encourage him to cook more often. And when he does, make sure he gives me the recipe so I can share it with you.

Next, he plans on making fish tacos. The only thing he is going to make is the slaw for the tacos. He is using the frozen fish fillets we have on hand along with the flour tortillas. 

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