Bug Snacks

If you follow any of our other blogs you would know that my husband I was suppose to go on a cruise but it got cancelled because of the coronavirus. I wrote a two part series on my vacation. Part 1 in here and part 2 is here.

So what made us decide to go to Branson, Missouri as a back up vacation was talking with the hotel clerks at a Choice hotel we stopped at on our way to New Orleans about a beef jerky store located in Branson.

We had to visit this store while we were in Branson.
They not only had Beef Jerky, they had dried fruit, cordials, espresso beans, and I had come across something else.....

Bug snacks!

 Of the one I might consider trying are the Ant Wafers because chocolate is involved. You might not notice the ants are in there unless you get a leg stuck in your teeth.
We obviously did not buy any of these bug snacks.

Here are some other tasty food I took pictures of during our vacation:

 Banana caramel pancakes from Denny's. Yum
 Tasty family restaurant food.

 And peanut butter pie.

I was planning on taking more food pictures as these was other tasty food during the trip.  So that is it for now, if you have ever eaten any bug snacks, leave a comment.