Farmer's Market Finds

 My husband and I recently went out to a local farmer's market. While we were there we picked up some eggs (because we were completely out), some salad greens (for me), and some pecans (I got the candied ones.

I loved the candied pecans, it is like a cinnamon roll on a nut.
I made an egg salad sandwich with the eggs.
I also scrambled some eggs.
Of course, I made a salad with the salad greens.  I also put some salad green with the egg salad sandwich.

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  1. it all looks so good - tasty too

  2. Julie - I was just thinking today that I need to get to the Farmer's Market in town! We get fresh eggs from my Dear Neighbor Friend, and it would be nice to also get some asparagus and rhubarb, some of my spring favorites! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. Nothing tastes better than farm fresh! And I love eggs cooked any way. The salad looks very yummy!

  4. Scrambled eggs. Yes 😊

    Have a good week


  5. Now I want an egg salad sandwich and candied pecans!


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