Tasty Eats - Mexican Food

In this version of Tasty Eats, we went through a phase of making Mexican food.

My husband made fish tacos with corn salsa and coleslaw. 

My son my enchiladas and a Mexican cole slaw. He made the sauce from scratch instead of using a can. I think he added cumin and lime juice to your otherwise typical coleslaw. I am not sure.

I found a one-pot Mexican Rice recipe Turns out it is tasty rolled up in a flour tortilla.

Finally, I have the only non-Mexican food. It is a Butterfinger poke cake. I made a yellow cake in an eight-inch square pan. Poked holes in it so that the pudding and Cool Whip mixture can get into the holes. I had crushed Butterfinger on top and in the pudding mixture. I also think I added some to the cake batter.

That is it for this edition of Tasty Eats.