I Won't Make That Again

 The two things I made recently that I will never likely make again are grilled mac and cheese sandwich, and raisin filled cookies.

First is the grilled mac and cheese sandwich.

I have seen commercials from Panera Bread  advertising the mac and cheese sandwich. My version is simpler. I is just some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in the middle of two slices of cheese.

It wasn't bad, I just don't think I will bother again. I would rather just have the mac and cheese or just have the grilled cheese sandwich.

The second thing I made are raisin filled cookies. My mother-in-law had made these and were my husband's favorite cookie. When my mother in law was alive, she would make these every year around Christmas time. More recently my husband has been wanting these cookies. When I saw this post on Raisin Filled Cookies, I knew it was time to make this cookie. 

The cookie dough was easy enough to make. When I made the filling, I am sure I added to much water. I did not need to add as much as I did. I ended up cooking it longer to reduce the water down. 
It was labor intensive to make these, and the filling leaked out of most of them.

But my husband loved them. He understands that it is a lot of work putting the cookie together. If I do make these cookies again, it is going to be a special occasion. 

Both the mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwich and raisin filled cookies were good. It is just that neither of these recipes were good enough to want to make again.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. That Panera Sandwich always looks so tempting.

  2. Thanks for sharing at the Lazy Gastronome's What's for Dinner party. Have a wonderful week - Happy Holidays!

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