Tasty Eats - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

In this edition of Tasty Eats. I thought I would share what we ate for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My husband did most of the cooking. I Christmas eve he made a shrimp boil. I am not sure how he decided to make this. I am sure it was suggested in some conversation. This is something we don't normally make. However, it was delicious. I am sure he followed a recipe on the web. I can't say for sure if this is the recipe he used, but it was close: Shrimp Boil Recipe - Cooking Classy

Christmas day my husband made a pork roll with a cranberry sauce, veggies and long grain rice. The star of this dish was the cranberry sauce. We told him he should bottle it and sell it. The only ingredients I can remember was in it was dried cranberries, mint, and orange juice. 
I made a sandwich with the pork loin and the sauce.

Finally, I have the eclairs I made for Christmas morning. After seeing a Boston Cream Pie French Toast on a cooking show, I wanted to try to duplicate it.  Trader Joe's usually has brioche bread, and I was going to make the French Toast with that. I guess the location I go to has been out for a while. I saw the sweet milk rolls and decided on a plan B.  I made the pastry cream and chocolate ganache from a Boston Cream Pie recipe (found here). I cut the rolls in half lengthwise, filled it with the pastry cream and topped it with the chocolate ganache. We all loved them. I will have to make these again. 

Here are the rolls I used:

That is all for now for this edition of Tasty Eats. I hope everyone had a happy Christmas🎄 holiday and have a Happy New Year. 🎉🎈

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