Fish and Chips

 It is a Friday night and I decided to make fish for dinner. I had some Pollock in the freezer and I went to You Tube for inspiration on how to cook. the fish. I had come across Gordon Ramsay's video. The video demonstrates five different fish recipes, but what caught my attention was the first recipe on the video. So I made fish and chips
First I made the potatoes. Peal them, cut them so that they look like French fries. Blanch them in boiling water for about 3-4 minutes. I put a light coating of oil on the fries and seasoned them with salt and seasoning salt. For the fish I cut them into sticks, salted them and let the fish sit for 20 minutes like it said to do in the video. Then I coated in seasoned flour, dipped in egg wash, and dipped in panko, which in my case I had Italian seasoned panko. Deep fried them, by husband was frying them so I think it was a few minutes on each side.

My son had made a fish sandwich with the fish fingers and the fries. He seamed to enjoy this.
I  have another package of fish in the freezer and I will make this again.