More Grilling Tips

Last grill tip before recipes

By David Huston

 Anything you can do on a stove top or oven can be done on the grill. It’s all in how you handle your food and handle your grill. Be smart experiment and have fun. Remember when lighting your grill DO NOT leave it unattended until the flames go down and the charcoal is getting ready.

 First let’s talk about heat and regulating the grill. Most grills have adjustable heights, meaning you can adjust the distance between the coals and the cooking surface, the closer the flame the hotter it burns. You also will have hot spots on your grill (usually in the middle and back of your grill) and the outsides will be cooler temperatures. Use this to your advantage, If you want to put a pot on the grill use the middle for high heat and the edges for low heat.

 As a stove top you can do anything you wish with simple cookware or just on the grates. Add different types of wood chips to enhance and give your dishes a smoke flavor; different types of chips (applewood, mesquite, or even oak will all be a different flavor added) soak the wood chips in water first, this will allow for longer burning and less flare ups.

 If you want to use your grill as an oven use the correct amount of charcoal to get the internal temperature of the grill where you want it (the more coals the hotter the oven will be.) then place your food inside of grill (I usually place items to the outside edges for even cooking) and close the lid. You can also adjust the heat by the smoke valves located on your grill (open for a hotter cooking, and closed for a lesser heat). Again use and experiment will wood chips for that smoke flavor.

 Coming up the recipes you have been looking for.