Tasty Eats

Here is another edition of Tasty Eats. I don't know what to call this first dish. My son created it for dinner one night. I think it is like a chicken fried steak, but with ground beef.

This next treat was given to me by a co-worker. She called it coffee Jell-O.  It tasted al right, I am not sure how I felt about the texture.
I made a pineapple upside down banana cake with some left over pineapple from Thanksgiving. I added brown sugar cinnamon and a little too much nutmeg for liking in the pineapple. I had some really ripe bananas so I found a banana cake recipe in my very worn down Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I put the pineapple mixture in my 9 inch square pan and topped the banana cake batter on top. This cake turned out really good. I may have to perfect this recipe down the road. It might look prettier with the pineapple rings than crushed pineapple.

Finally, I made Goulash.  Always a solid dinner.

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  1. I haven't made goulash in awhile...that sure sounds good! Enjoy your week!

  2. Very intetedting. Luv the coffee jello idea
    Happy Monday


  3. I've heard of goulash but have never made it. - Margy

  4. Julie - sometimes, reading your blog is like being home again in my Mom's kitchen. The Better Homes and Garden cookbook. Goulash. Man, I can taste it now! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


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