BBQ Smoke Rub and Easy BBQ Sauce Recipe


The smoke rub and BBQ sauce is the next in the BBQ series. Check out my previous posts:

Dave’s Smoke Rub 

1 cup Seasoning salt 

¼ cup Garlic powder 

¼ cup Paprika 

½ cup brown sugar 

¼ cup onion powder 

¼ cup pepper 

½ cup chili powder 

Mix all ingredients and rub well into meat.


Smoking your meat 

  • Whatever you are smoking, do it low and slow. 

  • Set up smoker (I use mesquite wood) 

  • Rub meat with my Rub Recipe 

  • Place meat in smoker 

  • Cook 250 degree for about 6 hours or until internal meat temp is 140 degrees. 

  • Remove and let rest for ½ hour. 

Easy Sweet BBQ Sauce 

1 bottle of plain BBQ sauce 

¼ cup Brown sugar 

¼ cup honey 

Mix well 

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