Tasty Eats - Parmesan Crusted Pancakes, Dalgona Coffee, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Tiramisu Mousse

This first tasty eat is parmesan crusted pancakes. All I did was add parmesan cheese to pancakes. I added it to the batter. It was very tasty and will do it again. I like the nutty flavor it added and the crunch.

The Internet has gone crazy for this Dolgona Coffee. The first time I have seen this on the web I knew that one day I was going to have to try this.  This coffee treat will only work with instant coffee. We usually don't have instant coffee around. We finally had some instant coffee around and it was time to try out this coffee. I used 2 tablespoon of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of water.
I was very excited that it whipped up like it was suppose to. A quick taste of this whipped cream is that that it was very intense, which is why I guess you put the cream on top of milk and mix it in with the milk. I my case I made chocolate milk. It tasted very good and worth the hype. Problem for me. I physically can't handle the caffeine in coffee very well. I can't do more that one cup. I later looked on the serving size for one cup coffee and it is one teaspoon.  I figured that the caffeine in this drink was anywhere between 3 to 6 cups of coffee. I had this in the morning and I was miserable and jittery all day. If I make this again, I will have to cut down on the portions of coffee, sugar and water.

Here are chocolate chip cookies, what makes this cookie different it that I used pancake mix in the recipe. 2 cups of pancake mix with 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 egg,1 cup of chocolate chips, 1 cup of nuts, and 1 t vanilla. I had come across this recipe in my vintage Betty Crocker Cookie Book. It had called for Bisquick, had it on the grocery list and they had brought home Aunt Jermima pancake mix. It still worked and it was tasty. I did it out of curiosity and will likely stick to the Toll House recipe.

The tiramisu mousse is the reason we had instant coffee in the house. I suggested that my husband make lasagna for dinner on his day off. He knows I like tiramisu and was planning on making it. I did a Pinterest search and found this recipe. My husband like it and it was easy to make, but he missed the lady fingers that is traditionally found in tiramisu.

I hope I had inspired you to make something tasty this week.



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