Impromptu Berry Frozen Yogurt

My husband had make a Greek yogurt parfait for dinner one night, which I thought was o.k. It may not be because it was bad, but because I am not the biggest fan of yogurt. If you like yogurt, fresh berries and granola (I also think there was a little honey too) then you would of loved this dessert. However that left with left over yogurt, berries (strawberries and blueberries) and half of the parfait I did not eat.

Threw it all into my little Ninja blender (which barely fit) with some honey. After it was all nicely blended it went into Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment. BTW, I saw the attachment on a Food Network show and soon afterwards we were owners of ice cream making attachment which I love. Before that I had a contraption that need layers of ice and salt....never again.
Approximately 30 minutes later I had frozen yogurt.
I always like it right after it is churned, like soft serve. However the next day the frozen yogurt was like a solid block of ice. Ended up making smoothies with it.

And it was good for just throwing a bunch of stuff together. Like I said, not the biggest fan of yogurt. But if like berries and yogurt...yum.



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