Tasty Eats

I haven't done a tasty eats blog in a while. With things going crazy now with the Coronavirus epidemic, we find ourselves eating more at home. Overall this is not a bad thing, but I do miss eating out in restuarants.

One night for dinner my husband made Philly egg rolls and a strawberry egg roll. I did not get a change to try these as I was experiencing an upset stomach at the time.

I took a picture of this HUGE banana split my husband made for himself.
This is a banana yogurt smoothie, I might of added peanut butter to this, I don't remember.
I made this dish after watching this Six Layer Dish recipe on You Tube. I has a layer of potatoes on the bottom, a layer of ground beef, a layer of sliced onions and green peppers, and topped off with a can of condensed tomato soup. The actual You Tube recipe can be found here.
Finally, I have chicken salad on top of a waffle. This particular chicken salad has cashews and raisins in it. I try to add a nutty and fruity element with chicken salad and not just have chicken and mayo.

That is it, hope some of these images has inspired you to make something creative.


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