Fudgy Mint Cookies

 Sundays around our house mean bringing our grandkids to church with us to attend Sunday School. After Church we usually go somewhere to eat and then come an a spend a couple of hours back at our house. An activity we almost always do is make cookies. This past Sunday I made the Fudgy Mint Cookie recipe found in the 2007 Taste of Home cook book.

 It is a chocolate cookie made with a box of devils food cake mix. A round ball of dough is coated in powdered sugar, baked, and after the cookie is set you immediately place a round mint cookie in the center. As you can see I did not buy the round mint cookie. I had bought large square mint cookies. I had to break apart the mint cookies into smaller pieces This recipe could of probably worded with any other cookie or candy. I was considering making this with thin Oreos.

I did find the recipe online and can be found here.