Show Your Stuff #99

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Many department stores have Christmas stuff up already. I have yet to figure out why have Christmas merchandise is out already when we still have a month yet to celebrate Thanksgiving. But however the Christmas Colored cotton yarn called to me and so this week I am sharing a couple of patterns found on my other blog, Treasures Made From Yarn. I have a Christmas Tree Pattern, and a Wreath Ornament Pattern.
Of course, you could interchange the colors to correspond with the different holiday.

So now it is time to go on with the party,.


  1. It can't be too early for Christmas stuff. The shop here started bringing it out about a month ago and I've been working on Christmas projects for almost 4 months now.

  2. The stores have Christmas stuff out already!? Wow I'm going to have to go into a store to check this out!

    As for thinking about Christmas too early nope sorry, can't happen. I start think about all the really great stuff I want to do in January so October is most definitely not a problem. Besides, if you are using Thanksgiving as a bench mark, go with Canada's Thanksgiving it was on the 13th/14th of October...

  3. Thanks for the invite! Love link parties to see all kinds of goodness!


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