Show Your Stuff #58 - Ice Cream Sandwich

As I mentions in my previous post, I wanted to try out cake in the new NFL waffle iron my husband got for Christmas. He had the idea to make ice cream sandwiches. So I made a yellow and chocolate cake and used mint chocolate chip ice cream to make the sandwiches.

Use your favorite cake recipe cooked in the waffle iron and your favorite ice cream to make some awesome ice cream sandwiches. Here are some tips to make successful sandwiches.

After you make the cake in the in the waffle iron, freeze them. it will make spreading the ice cream easier.

Soften the ice cream a little, it will make it easier to make the sandwiches.

So now it is your turn to show what you proud to show off.


  1. Ooh those look yummers Julie! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend :-)

  2. I'd LOVE to do something like that for my husband, but I'd have to get a different die for the waffle iron ;) *lol*

    Following from Friendship Friday hop at Create With Joy. :O)

  3. Oh....that is cute! Love the idea.

    I'm stopping by from Create with Joy's Friendship Friday hop.

  4. Love this looks great. Would love to have you come and link this up at my new weekly linky party. Thanks. Linda


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