Show Your Stuff #52 - Preparation, Cooking Tips, and Leftovers, What to do?

It is time again for another edition of Show Your Stuff . This week I have an article about preparation, cooking tips, and left overs

Preparation, Cooking Tips, and Leftovers, What to do?

              If your like around 85% of all people who made thanksgiving dinner or will be cooking for the holidays here are some preparation tips, cooking tips, and leftover tips:
1) Preparation:
    - Plan a menu 2 weeks in advance and make shopping list. If other people offer to bring something, know what they are bringing so you can plan accordingly.
    - Shop accordingly, If you have no freezer space buy your turkey or ham 2 - 3 days ahead and place in refrigerator to thaw. fresh produce should be bought the day before.
    - prepare all dishes in advance if possible. (i.e. Green bean casserole, pies)
    - Know the timing of all dishes that need to cook, make a timetable for all items so you know if you have enough burners or oven space and everything is hot and fresh out of the oven.
    - Make sure you have enough pots, pans, and serving utensils before you need them
    - If you are cooking a turkey have a meat thermometer handy. DO NOT rely on the pop up timer!

2) Cooking
    - If you have any food prep to do, do it first.
    - Have all recipes needed handy and available.
    - give yourself plenty of time, don't rush!
    - Have your cooking timetable ready.
    - Focus ( don't be distracted by TV or phone). Pay attention to details.
    - Clean as you go. It will make it a lot easier clean up at the end.
    - Use timers. It will make it easier to multitask.
    - Never serve or store whip cream in a metal container. This will break down the whip cream.
    - Never use aluminum foil on high acidity items ( i.e. Spaghetti sauce) the acid will break the foil down and you will have silver flakes in your food.

3) Leftovers
    - Store and take care of leftovers as soon as possible. You only have 6 total hours in the food danger zone 40 - 140 degrees. This includes prep time, serving time, and counter time.
    - Do Not use foil to freeze. Wrap in plastic wrap then store in a plastic container.
    - Make actual meal plates if you plan on using them as additional meals.

Now it is time to show off your stuff!



  1. Thank you Julie for the party and for the tips!
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  3. Thanks for hosting and sharing these tips. Have a good week.


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